An documentation of the sesquicentennial celebration in Blaine, Mo!! Join us later for a *special* pot luck dinner...




Corky St. Clair. . .His destiny is Broadway! Blaine's celebrated high school drama teacher and director of such critically acclaimed town productions as "Backdraft" and "Barefoot in the Park". He once again makes the town proud with his new musical "Red, White and Blaine" celebrating the town's sesquicentennial year (that's the 150th!).

Dr. Allen Pearl... Coming from a line of entertainers (a very short one- do you remember "My Bubby made a Kishka?"), Dr. Pearl is Blaine's resident dentist and newly aspiring actor. Discovered he's been wasting his life as a dentist and is born to entertain!!

Mrs. Sheila Albertson. . . one half of the duo dubbed by Corky as "The Lunts of Blaine", also known for her stylish hairdo. Read about her here!

Ron Albertson... the other half of the "Lunts of Blaine" he's an "experienced" thespian who tends to intimidate the less experienced actor with his "talents"- including his own wife. Read on about this sinister man!

Once upon a time Blaine had some very special visitors. Hear the story of the townfolk's great adventure and pot luck dinner!!

Blaine is the "Stool Capital of the World". Why you ask? Find out here...

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